Sirocco, Spanish horse bred by Rancho Acebuchal

Rancho Acebuchal 
Ethical Equestrian Centre 


Customer Testimonials

My mother, who owned a horse for 17 years and has ridden at countless stables in countless countries, came here a week ago and she hasn't shut up about it since! So, today, I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about.
I'm not a confident rider, and as much as I love horses I've always been quite afraid of them. Back in England the horse is a powerful creature that you learn to "control". At this ranch, you walk through the gate and leave everything you have learnt behind you.
Within 5 minutes, with the help of Sonia, I had completely forgotten my nerves as she introduced me to "Claude" and helped me earn his trust. I spent an hour with him building a bond through grooming, with constant contact and reassurance (needed for both of us!). By the time I climbed into the saddle I felt totally calm, and Sonia assured me that he did too.
Everything that Monica told me afterwards about their ethos here makes perfect sense. Thank you for teaching me how to "speak Horse" <3

Caitlin McFee, UK

We would just like to say thank you to Kevin Smithson, Glenda Smithson and Monica Andréewitch for their wonderful hospitality they extended to us in the last week. A very big thanks to Monica for her amazing tuition in horsemanship and confidence building. We learnt so much about horses, how to connect and build a relationship with them. How to groom them and check their hoofs. We learnt how to put on a head collar, lead them confidently from the paddock, put on the saddle and girth strap. We even learnt how to ride with one reign! The course was structured brilliantly which taught us the skills to go out for a two hour hack in the mountains with confidence. The horses were calm and happy to carry us, because we had excellent tuition. It was the most amazing week and we will definitely return next year to continue learning about these amazing animals safe in the knowledge that the horses and us are in expert hands. Thanks once again for an amazing and enlightening experience.

Richard Lord, UK