Sirocco, Spanish horse bred by Rancho Acebuchal

Rancho Acebuchal 
Ethical Equestrian Centre 


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Natural Equine Allergy Therapy Spain is located at Rancho Acebuchal. This therapy is new to Spain and N.E.A.T.S is the official distributor for it through Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy Systems. The system treats breathing problems, skin problems and promotes general well being from the inside out. The therapy is provided through inhaling a controlled amount of dry salt for a 20 minute session over an initial period of 5 days. Please click the logo to visit their website for more information.

Equisharing: Almost as good as having your own horse!

Equisharing is a new concept to Spain and aims to provide people who do not want the commitment of owning a horse, either financially or time, to have the use of a horse as their own. This can be for as little as 3 hours a week up to 18 hours per week, the choice is yours. The 6 horses on the "meet the horses page"are also available for Equisharing. Please click the image to visit the website and find out more!

The Pony Academy: We make pony dreams come true!

The Pony Academy Spain and UK - Helping little people (4 to 11 year olds) develop confidence, self belief and a "can do" attitude with the help of our beautiful ponies ...and we teach them how to ride and care of ponies, too!

In Spain sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday, times change according to the season so best to check out the Facebook page to book or find out more information: